10 Reasons Why the GCC Is an Attractive Destination for Job Seekers

Many additional young and established workers are aware of the importance of pursuing jobs in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates). Whether it’s the weather, the reward, the social network or the miracle that brings them to this prosperous region, ex-pats from all over the world gather here.

10 reasons why the GCC is attracting job seekers from around the world

1) Active Labor Market – Compared to many regions worldwide, the labor market in the GCC is active with many opportunities for young students, technical experts, and the general population.

2) High-wage middle-income salaries in the GCC tend to be very high (usually in paperwork) and often include homeownership and generous bonus plans.

3) Being able to save – Unlike a paycheck on the cost of living at home, the GCC’s cash balance will allow more workers to quickly build bigger savings and plan to start retirement.

4) Tax-free income – Not only is the tax-deductible available in the GCC over the taxable area, but the benefits are also tax-free, so you keep all of your income in cash.

5) Similar Climate – The GCC is generally hot and dry all year, a refreshing change of four seasons and a mild, cool climate.

6) Rapid corporate culture – The GCC region is chock-full of expertise, as the public and private sector investments offer increased opportunities in technology, engineering, energy, and many other sectors.

7) Visitors – WordsApp can use their free time to find places that pay guests to visit, both close to their home.

8) Extended social network – The expative population in major cities like Dubai, Riyadh and other expanded areas and offers a wide range of relationships and heart-wrenching events.

9) English is widely spoken – Because English is the official language and spoken by the majority of the GCC people, there is little reason to learn the language.

10) Households in grocery stores – All the common items you can find at home – from gourmet coffee to decorative fashion – are available in the GCC, with a range of unique outdoor food items and affordable prices.